Focusing on the primary care treatment of patients who are generally 50 years and older, board-certified Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Jade Williams is specially trained in the aging process and can treat a broad spectrum of health issues that are unique to older adults. From balance and hearing issues to memory loss, dementia, incontinence, COPD, diabetes, chronic kidney disease and more, Jade is an expert in assessing, diagnosing and managing a variety of issues with the goal of helping every patient enjoy life with as much independence, mobility and confidence as possible.

Our philosophy is not only to provide medical treatment to our older patients, but to engage each person in prevention and wellness initiatives to optimize their health and have a high quality of life. We are dedicated to assessing each patient’s medical, physiological and social needs and building an individualized care plan that meets each person’s individual needs and goals.

A thorough geriatric consultation is particularly appropriate when an older patient is experiencing more pain or discomfort than usual; appears more confused than typical; displays a change in their behavior or moods; exhibits signs of depression; is suffering from constipation or incontinence; loses weight unexpectedly; has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia; is having problems taking care of one’s self at home; or shows signs of increasing frailty and/or increased likelihood of falling.

Geriatric Specialty Care includes:

  • A complete geriatric assessment and consultation including evaluation of hearing, sight, cognitive skills, mobility, balance and overall wellness
  • Management of multiple medications and health issues
  • Routine care options to help you achieve your physical and mental goals
  • Eye examinations, hearing tests, immunizations, minor injury and wound care
  • Management of chronic illness or disease
  • Support and links to community resources including nursing homes
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