By Tami Hejlik

Patient Perspective - Tami Hejlik

My husband and I have lived in Webster City for almost 19 years. Five years ago, we made the decision to move my father here from Nebraska to take a more active role in his care. Unfortunately, over the new year he had to have emergency medical care followed by a stay in the hospital for a few days. Even though other family had been admitted to other hospitals in larger cities at various times, this was my first experience having a loved one at Van Diest hospital.

The care at every level and at every patient point was outstanding. I had heard on the news that hospitals were busy with RSV and Flu cases and I have no doubt that was the case at Van Diest but the doctors and nurses were thorough and never made us feel that they were too busy. Nurses Wally and Cindy were tremendous and really made my father feel comfortable. The EMT's, Respiratory team and emergency department were so helpful as well. I feel really good about the decision to move my father here. He has the best care with Dr. Ehn in the clinic and if he ever does need to go to the hospital, I know that we will be in good hands. I feel so lucky to have Van Diest Hospital here in Webster City. The facility is outstanding and the care is top-notch.

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