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At Van Diest Medical Center, we pride ourselves on the personalized, compassionate care that is given to our patients. Severity of illness varies on the Medical/Surgical Unit, and our staffing levels are adjusted accordingly to always meet the needs of each individual. There are two nurses certified in Wound Care. Their work helps to minimize suffering and loss of function, and even life-threatening complications from infection and injury. All of the patient rooms are private, state-of-the-art equipped (Wi-Fi, DVD, and flat screen TVs), and large enough to accommodate overnight visitors if desired.

Members of our nursing team work in a variety of areas within the hospital. In addition to our Medical/Surgical Unit, where both acute and skilled patients are cared for, we have nurses in the Emergency Department who are trained in trauma nursing and other types of emergent needs. They utilize best practices in caring for stroke and heart attack victims, to ensure that the patients have the very best outcomes. Also, they are exemplary in stabilizing and preparing patients for transfer to a tertiary care center when necessary, for a higher level of care.

Nurses in our Obstetrics Department are educated in caring for patients in each phase of the pregnancy/childbirth process, including caring for newborns. Our obstetric nurses have a high degree of competency and compassion for those who entrust them with their care. We have nurses who are certified in Lamaze, Labor and Delivery, as well as a lactation consultant. A review by the University of Iowa perinatal team, consisting of physicians and nurses who specialize in Obstetrics, gave our department high accolades for its exceptional care. With the outstanding technology available in the Obstetric Department, our nurses are prepared to handle deliveries for women who are having a baby for the first time, those who have had multiple pregnancies, and those who need C-sections.

Our Surgical Services Department encompasses nurses who are skilled in assisting patients during each phase of the peri-operative process. They are the backbone of the surgical team and are skilled at preventing infections and avoiding complications in the surgical setting. The majority of the surgery nurses at Van Diest Medical Center are Certified Nurses, having earned this special designation based upon their achievement, expertise and clinical judgment.

There are a multitude of other nursing specialties at Van Diest Medical Center. We have nurses who specialize in assisting patients with their discharge, whether it is to their home or an extended care facility. Many of our nursing staff assist providers in our rural clinics, while others are engaged in diabetic education. All of our nurses work to maintain the highest level of care for our patients throughout their health needs journey. At Van Diest Medical Center, we believe we offer the best in caring and compassion in all of our patient encounters.

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