Hear what patients are saying about Dr. Suzanne.

"I just truly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend to others."

"I strongly believe in integrated medicine! She helped me personally at a desperate time by using herbs. She is smart, strong, and very sincere as a Doctor. I would recommend her to anyone!"

"Absolutely up-to-date on the latest lifestyle medicine proven to be effective in treating all kinds of crazy symptoms and conditions. She gets to the bottom of things like no other. And her solutions are as non-man-made and non-invasive as they can get. And yet, she is an MD and respects and incorporates the less natural medical tools of the trade when situations call for it."

"Living over two hours away, the e-visit was an awesome option and I would definitely do it again."

"I have a much better quality of life thanks to Dr. Bartlett."

"I love to be able to continue to consult with Dr. Bartlett even though she’s not near me anymore. I’ve missed her since she left. She’s an excellent resource I’m glad to have back."

"The convenience of in-home virtual visits eliminates wasted time in waiting rooms! The tech works!! I got lots of face time with the doc! The doc is genuinely interested in my overall well-being and asks insightful questions to arrive at solutions."

"I loved everything about it. I left the visit with ideas that I could put into place right away. I also appreciated receiving the notes, books lists, and handouts via email on the same day!"