Checking In/Admission

If you have been instructed to check in at a specific area or department for your appointment, please do so. For directional assistance, feel free to contact Van Diest Medical Center at (515) 832-9400. You may also visit any of our information desks, conveniently located near most main entrances and staffed by volunteers who can provide directions, answer questions, and arrange for wheelchairs and patient escorts.

If you were not directed where to check in, please proceed to Registration, located inside the hospital’s main entrance. Upon arrival, you may be asked to wait momentarily before meeting with one of our Patient Access Representatives, who will record your demographic and insurance information for admitting and billing purposes.

Please have your most recent insurance card and a valid photo ID available. Once you have been checked in, you will be directed to the appropriate area for your appointment.

Treatment Consent

During the registration process, you will be asked to sign a General Consent for Treatment form that allows Van Diest Medical Center to treat you as a patient. Please read this form carefully. The registration staff will be happy to answer questions.


At the time of registration, you will be asked to provide either your current insurance company card or information about your current insurance company.

Your insurance plan may require notification for some hospital services. Please check your card, policy or carrier for their requirements. If you need any assistance with this, Van Diest Medical Center staff will be glad to assist you.

No Insurance

For our patients without insurance, Van Diest Medical Center offers a discount off the total billed charges. This discount will appear on your first statement.  

Discounted charges are not available for patients who have insurance coverage (such as Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial or Private Insurance policies).

If you are unable to pay your balance in full, please call the Patient Account department at 515-832-7715 or visit Payments and Financial Assistance

Financial Counseling

Van Diest Medical Center has a financial counselor available to discuss your individual needs. If you do not have insurance or will have difficulty in paying your portion of the bill, the financial counselor can assist you with your needs in making payment arrangements.  For assistance, call the Patient Account department at 515-832-7715 or visit Payments and Financial Assistance

Payment at Registration

Van Diest Medical Center requests the patient pay their copay at time of registration. The amount varies depending on your insurance coverage.  In the absence of a copay, you may be asked to pay a financial deposit that will be applied towards the balance your insurance determines to be your financial responsibility.

Depending on the services provided, you may be contacted by a member of Patient Access (Registration) Department or the Financial Counselor to verify your demographics and insurance information. At this time, you may be asked to pay a financial deposit as most insurance policies require patients to pay a deductible and a percentage of the remaining cost of services.