Portal Enrollment

Self-enrollment is available for Van Diest Medical Center patients who are age 18 or older that don't currently have access to HealtheLife, an online portal where you can view your medical information and connect with your health care team. Complete the form below to start the self-enrollment process.

If you manage the health of a patient, talk to the patient's health care provider at their next visit to receive a personal invitation to Van Diest Medical Center or call 515-832-7866.

Self-enrollment is not currently available for caregivers and guardians.

Click below to start the self-enrollment process.

Interested in other Patient Portal set up options? Click Here.

HealtheLife App


Begin Enrollment

Mobile Patient Portal

You can now see all of your health records including medications, immunizations, lab results and more, all in one place on your smart phone!

Users must have a HealtheLife Patient Portal account with Van Diest Medical Center to activate their records.

HealtheLife App
Step 1 Download the Health app, then tap the HealthData tab.
Step 2 Tap Health Records > Get Started. To add another medical provider, scroll down to Accounts, then tap Add Account.
Step 3 Search for your hospital or network, then tap it.
Step 4 Under Available To Connect, choose an option.
Step 5 Sign in to your healthcare provider's website or app. You might be asked to save a password.
Step 6 Wait for your records to update. It might take a minute for your information to appear.
Step 7 Repeat these steps for each supported organization.

Questions? Please contact Portal Support at 1 (877) 621-8014

More about our Patient Portal

Once your account is set up, Van Diest Medical Center's HealtheLife can help you more easily manage your healthcare. From a computer, smart-phone or tablet, you can enjoy the convenience of using HealtheLife to:

  • View your test results, including lab and x-ray
  • Request appointments
  • Pay your bill
  • Send messages to your care team
  • View clinical notes
  • Manage the care of family members (with proper consent)
  • View allergies and current medications
  • View and download your COVID-19 Vaccination Card
  • And much more!

Van Diest Medical Center's HealtheLife is completely confidential and meets all federal HIPAA guidelines designed to protect your private health information.

Other Set Up Options

Inquire during your appointment check-in. With proof of identity, a valid email address and completion of a security question, an email invitation will be sent to the email address given.

Check your email. Within three (3) business days, you will receive an email invitation from IQ Health with a link to the registration page. Click on the link in the email and follow the registration steps.

Verify your identity. You will be asked if you are the PATIENT or if you are responsible for a PATIENT’S health. Click the appropriate option.

Complete your information and create an account. Enter your information and create a username and password. Choose a security question. Agree to the Cerner Health Terms of Use and you are done! You can automatically log into the patient portal after you have created your account.

Patient Portal FAQ's

Allow three (3) business days to receive an invitation to the portal via your email from IQ Health. From that point, you can complete the registration process and you will have immediate access to the portal. Health information is available and displayed in real time.

Invitations can only be sent to one email address. Patients also have the option sign a proxy to have two patients in the same portal with the same email address. For example, parent and child info under the same account.

Yes. Proxy access allows a patient’s parent, guardian, or designee to connect to the patient’s health information. Forms to request proxy access are available at our patient registration desks and the Health Information Management department at Van Diest Medical Center.

We take great care to ensure your health information in your medical record is protected using the best security possible.

You can access your medical records anytime and anywhere. After creating your account, you can return to the patient portal from our website at vandiestmc.org or download the free HealtheLife App on your PC, cell phone or mobile device.

With an email address, self-enrollment is an option or you may call the Patient Portal Help Line at 515-832-7866 for assistance with enrolling.