The Van Diest Medical Center Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is a formal council where patients and families collaborate regarding policy and program decision-making in health care settings to improve safety, quality and patient experience. PFAC represents the patient voice to senior leadership, clinicians and staff at VDMC to ensure personalized, comprehensive and collaborative care is provided.

All patients, families, community representatives and staff from VDMC are eligible to be members of PFAC. Members are committed to building a partnership to understand the needs of our community and to implement programs and policies to address health care opportunities at the hospital. 

PFAC members are tasked with providing recommendations and input to hospital staff on the Council to improve the quality of patient care from the patient/family perspective, as well as identify ways to better engage patients and families in their health care decisions at the hospital and at home following discharge.


To enhance family-centered care at Van Diest Medical Center

  • To collaborate with Van Diest Medical Center to improve safety, quality of care and patient satisfaction
  • To provide insight to enhance the overall hospital experience for patients and families
  • To provide input to Van Diest Medical Center leadership in evaluating services, programs and policies
  • To promote positive relationships between Van Diest Medical Center and the local communities


Patient Family Advisory Council Members:

Molly Becker
Deb Jaycox
Jennifer Maharry
Lindsay McCormick-Welch
Larry Josephson
Alberta Voge
Cathy Olson
Trudy Anderson

If you would like more information on joining the Patient Family Advisory Council, please contact 515.832.7712.